Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Xu's Wonton House

Wanted to grab a delicious but small snack in Crystal Mall because I was hungry and dinner would be soon anyways, so I just needed something quick and easy to fill my hungry stomach.Wandered around the food court for a few rounds before finally deciding to try the famous Xiao Long Bao at Xu's Wonton House. It was my first time getting this dish at a food court place so I was excited to compare it to the restaurant XLBs. 

Bayulan Steamed Mini Pork Buns (5) $4     4/5

  • Very meat juicy inside
  • Sizzling hot, I even burned my tongue while eating it because I was in a rush
  • I saw that they freshly prepared the buns and meat with their hands at the front counter as the orders were taken
  • Pork was chewy, not too soft or hard
  • Pork was not too salty, but still carried enough taste
  • Biting a little hole in the bun, then proceeding to slurp the juice is the best feeling ever
  • I thought the bun skin could be done a little better, it was a little too hard for my taste, I would have preferred something more soft

Overall: These XLBs were excellent for the price (5 for $4) and they tasted very good. Especially with the juice inside the buns, just be careful of burning your mouth! Make sure when you eat it, you slurp the meat juice directly into your mouth, that feeling can not be beat.

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