Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Corner 23

Located near the King Edward Canada Line Station, Corner 23 is at a convenient location for public transit users such as myself. I have always wanted to try it since it opened because I always notice that it is very busy with people throughout the day. Furthermore, I've always had an interest in Taiwanese food. Today, I came with two friends who were new to Asian cuisines, especially something like Taiwanese food, so I hoped the food would be good because I was the one that recommended we go here.

Entering the restaurant, we were promptly greeted by the waitress and sat at a spacious table. It was around 5pm, but the restaurant was already busy. The interior was quite nicely decorated and the restaurant environment was comfortable overall. I was just recovering from a bad cough so I didn't go for any drinks, just stayed with the complementary tea. The menu was quite vast and there were many options; there is bound to be something that you like.

Since we had a party of 3, we each got a meal and I was feeling a bit ambitious, so I also opted for an appetizer to share with the others. I ordered the Taiwanese Style Pork Sausage with Rice $7.75 4/5 because I could not get any of the deep-fried or spicy dishes, I decided to go with something I've had before at other Taiwanese restaurants.

I was not disappointed. The set also came with three side dishes: cucumbers, some vegetable that I don't know what it is called, and corn. These side dishes were served warm, and not cold, as I first expected. They went well with the huge bowl of rice. The Taiwanese sausages were also excellent, they were not too salty or too hard. The portion was also, in my opinion, great for the price.

The appetizer we got was the Marinated Ground Pork Sauce on Rice $4.75 4/5, I wanted to try something that was new for me. I really didn't know what to expect. I only thought that it'd be a very small bowl of rice because it is an appetizer. Boy was I surprised!

This to me was more like a meal than a appetizer. The bowl was huge and there was lots of pork. My friends who have never had a marinated egg before remarked that it was quite delicious. The sauce that accompanied the rice made the rice a joy, the sauce was very delicious. The pork itself also tasted fresh. Excellent dish.

My friends opted for the Curry Chicken on rice $7.75 and the Egg Plant & Shredded Pork in Hot Garlic Sauce with Rice $7.50. Friend who had the Curry Chicken has never had Curry Chicken other than Traditional Indian Curry Chicken before, he said that the Taiwanese Curry Chicken was different, but still very good. Although he could not handle the spicy even though it wasn't very spicy, just his taste buds were weak.

My other friend who had the Egg Plant dish remarked that "the food I had was good. I liked the flavours but I thought that the eggplant sauce was a little on the oily side." 

Overall: I'll be back since it is so close to UBC and also convenient with the Canada Line. The food is good.

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